Sensation Of A Soul

Sensation Of A Soul

Author – Jyoti Patel

Total Pages – 113

Publisher – Authors’ Ink Publications



Cover – 3/5

Title – 4/5

Blurb – 4/5

Theme – 5/5

Overall – 4/5



Sensation Of A Soul is an anthology – a collection of 43 poems and 8 short stories, written on love and the emotions every person feels.


Emotions were very well portrayed. Most of the poems could be related to everyone’s life. The author has explored every bit of love. Poems are written in a very simple and understandable language.


Cover could have been much more beautiful. Rhyme scheme for the poems could be tried.


Such a nice book one could read. One can easily travel with the author while reading. A good book to read..

Sensation Of A Soul is really a Sensation for Every Soul.

Happy Reading…


Books are available at all major online platforms – flipkart, amazon, pustakmandi, bookganga.


Connect to author @

Facebook and Instagram @jyotipatelammu

Facebook Page: AuthorJyotiPatel


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