TITLE : Introspection  on Times

AUTHOR :  Dr.Y.P.Kalra

TOTAL PAGES : 194 pages

PUBLISHERS: Blue Rose Publishers



COVER : 4.5/5

TITLE : 4/5

BLURB : 4/5

THEME : 4.5/5


OVERALL : 4.5/5



‘Introspection On Times’ is an anthology of poems with a wide variety of themes. Poems are based on the various social, political and cultural issues, nature and human atrocities and few of these poems have a spiritual touch to them too. This also contains a modern sonnet 17.5 which is an innovation of the poet.

Poems are beautifully penned down with the perfect rhyme schemes adding more charm to each poem. Readers can easily perceive what the poet is trying to convey through his verses.  One can easily get in a trance and travel along with the poet while reading this book. Each and every poem has the ability to make a person question his own conscience and morals. Every minute detail has been beautifully brought out. In this modern era which has lost many precious cultural values, these poems also serves as a dagger of reminder, of those precious olden times. The poet has boldly pointed out the mistakes which every man does in an attractive poetic way.

The book cover and title perfectly suits the theme of poems the book contains. And I find no negative feed backs in this book that would bring down the book.



“Introspection on times,

With pleasing poetic rhymes,

Is a must read book by all,

Which will never let your expectation fall.”



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