Hi Jyoti.. A Warm Welcome..

  1. A few words about you.

I am an active, fun-loving but sincere, outgoing, sporty and an explorer kind of a person. I believe in working on solutions rather than worrying about the problem.


  1. What would you like to say about your recently published autobiography “Let Life Be Light”?


Let Life Be Light is a motivational book that would be of interest to people of every age-group. It starts with my journey as a college student and ends at a meaningful analysis and conclusion of what happened to me and my family. You can consider it as an outlook of a young girl and her parents to a chronic, a never-ending struggle.


I think the youngsters should read it as it may help in preparing them for the challenges of life. There is a considerable amount of comedy as well.


The book is about positivity, how I remained positive in tough situations and what kept me going. It is about the struggles and successes of a person in trouble. It is my autobiography with the sequence of events as they occurred.


  1. When did you start writing and from where did you get the inspiration from?


The idea of writing this book came to my mind while I was recovering post my kidney transplant surgery. The inspiration came from my journey with my disease, IgA Nephropathy and my analysis of the situations.


I am thankful to God for giving me a different and eventful life that could become an entertaining and meaningful story.



  1. What is the purpose of your writing?


The purpose of this book is to spread positivity; to tell my readers that the purpose of life is to keep moving, to keep fighting and to never lose hope.

We humans have a tendency to become sad on silly things. I strongly believe that a person has to remain happy himself in order to do something good. And he must always aim to be happy and try to do the thing that makes him happy.



  1. What or who inspired you to write your autobiography?


It was a signal from the God, or my inner voice I can say, that made me realize that I have a story to share. To begin when I noticed that my father, my mother, my doctors, Dr. Jasuja and Dr. Augustine, Baba Ramdev have all been fighters, who never gave up. Later I found that people who survive are the ones who never stop trying. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by such inspiring souls.



  1. How was your writing phase and how did your family feel about your idea of this book?


Nice question. Writing of this book was a great learning experience. I took three years and it wasn’t any less than a PG degree I must say. I began writing as a plain story with the sequence of events and as I progressed, I learned about the heights and depths of problems, human behaviour and emotions. I started analysing the sequence of events and got several answers and reasons.


Only Ravi knew that I was writing this book. He felt happy when I told him that I have decided to write something like this.  He appreciated me occasionally. We disclosed about the book to our families only when I had completed more than 90% of it. I started in 2013 and I told them in 2016. So because I did not want to feel any sort of pressure. Everyone became excited when they came to know; we also played a sort of guessing game about what the title of book could be.


  1. What are your other published works?


None as yet.


  1. How was this journey of becoming a published author?


A great learning experience from writing to getting published. Like the way we visited several doctors for my ailment, we met many publishers for my book. The second journey was shorter though. We approached several publishers and most of them liked the book. Finally we went with Bluerose and it was a smooth and transparent process.



  1. Is your book self-published or traditionally published?





  1. Which way of publication do you prefer and why?


Both are equally good and helpful.


  1. Who is an author according to you?


Someone who has a concept, an idea or a story and who can give a logical or meaningful flow or summary to his thoughts.


  1. Who is your favourite author and why?


A tough question for a person like me. I have read mostly technical books and read articles, news columns and comments on FB and whatsapp from my friends. I am not a follower of any particular author or columnist so don’t have a favourite as such. During college days, I liked Karan Thapar.



  1. What are the 3 books you would pick to have with you all the time and why?



A well written technical reference.

Hanuman Chalisa.



  1. What is your favourite genre? And is there any specific reason for it being your favourite?


Comedy, undoubtedly. I look for happiness and smiles around.


  1. What is your biggest fear?


Not able to find time to do what I like.


  1. Anything you are crazy about?


Yes, there are many. Firstly, the morning walk or exercises. Then, flying in an aeroplane; travelling to various places to see rivers, dams, fields, country side and places of worship; river-rafting; trekking; playing cricket and driving.


  1. Who is God for you?


I know God as THE Supreme power, the creator, the preserver and the destroyer. The world is in him, he is one and is forever. He can do anything or everything, way beyond we can even think of.


To me, God is the silence or a sound or a feeling or a thought that brings positivity, hope and strength.


  1. What is your deepest wish that hasn’t come true till now?


Hmmm…I have mentioned this in my book, I want my original kidneys to get healed.


  1. When can we expect your next book? And can we have any hint about the story?


Truely, not planned yet. But it can be an academic book or a biography or a collection of real stories.


  1. A piece of advice for the budding authors?


Stay true to yourself and only then a masterpiece will be created.


  1. Finally, a few words to your readers.


  1. Always remain happy and try to make others happy.
  2. Thank you for taking out time to read my book and I would be happy to get your feedback at



  1. Where can your readers contact you?


Thank you so much for sparing your time for us.. I’m glad I was able to interview you..  You are really a great inspiration for many people..

Have a beautiful life ahead…


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