Title – Itni Si Baat

Author – Chaitali bangre

Pages – 193 pages

Publishers – Blue Rose Publishers



Cover – 4.5/5

Title – 4/5

Theme – 4/5

Rate – 4/5

Narration – 4/5




Itni Si Baat by Chaitali bangre is a beautiful love story of Tara and Sabbir.


A small fight at their​ first meet,

To a beautiful friendship it leads,

And a sweet love later it creates.

The cast selection for a role play,

In a college play, a vital role it plays.

Smitten with each other they stay,

At the second meet, destiny had planned,

Strengthening the bonds they had linked.

Missing each other, focusing on their career,

Successfully passing, they move higher.

To the same place they go,

A lot of meet ups they do,

And a numerous problems she gets into.

Realizing their love, a proposal they do,

And a heartache it gives, saying adieu.

Religion and society interferes in between,

A choice she had to make,

For a better future together.

Support from his dad and friends they had,

And a knot to unite they tied,

Crossing all barriers in life.



This story wonderfully​ portrays the journey they had to cross from strangers to friends, to lovers and to partners. All characters are very well depicted and one can easily travel along with all of them, feeling the pain and enjoyments they undergo.

The titles are in Hindi song lyrics while the narration is in English which switches from past and present is a unique feature of this book. And the lovely shayaris in between adds more charm to the story.

The only mistake I was able to notice was the switch of tenses in few places. Other than that everything is perfect with the writing style in a simple language that could be well understood by all. And the cover also suits the story perfectly.

This true story is an example to all those who believe inter-caste and inter religious marriages wouldn’t work well.

Overall (4/5) – A must read novel of a beautiful couple.



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