Here’s a cool interview with Akhilesh Maurya, the founder of Boost Thyself, a website that spreads positivity and boosts your self confidence. It was really such a great thought to come up with this idea. Hats off to him..  And wishing him all success in his career…


  • A few words about you.

It’s quite a difficult task for me. All right, I am Akhilesh Maurya, an Engineering Graduate from Pune University. I write inspirational blogs on, but now that you know, our new website ( has been launched with the vision to inspire people, I write on this website also.

  • Where did you get the inspiration for starting Boost Thyself?

The idea of starting Boost Thyself came after an incident that happened with me in the final year of Engineering that coerced me to initiate something which can spread positivity amongst the people and inspire them towards a better life. But, for a moment, I thought, I alone would not be able to do this. And, I approached one of my friends, who is also a writer. But only procrastination happened and we couldn’t start. Sometime later, I started again by approaching the other writers from across the country, and successfully formed a team. And with the immense contribution of the team members, Boost Thyself grew by leaps and bounds.

  • When did you start writing?

Well, like every writer who gives vent to his/her feelings on a piece of paper, I also started the same way during my school days. But officially, I wrote my first blog in April, 2010 on Google Blogger, in which I had narrated my journey from my hometown to Pune. At that time, I was not much prone to Internet and being a studious student always, I left blogging. And, if I talk more officially, then, I started writing from May, 2016 only.

  • Who or what was your inspiration?

Being a studious student, I was always into books related to my course. During the 3rd year of engineering, I thought of doing something different from the usual. The first book that I chose for reading was the autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “My Journey”. I was very much inspired by the book. And well, Dr. Kalam is an inspiration to all.

My Parents are my first inspiration, who have always been with me as my support system and have played a major role in helping me take the first step towards my dream. I’m kind of a curios learner, so, I learn something good from everyone. In this way, I get inspired by all.

  • What is the purpose of your writing?

I think the last few answers have already cleared the purpose of my writing. I always aspired to spread positivity, and, I’m glad that I already am on the path I once thought I’d walk on. I would always do the same through my writing, as long as I can.

  • What was your first piece of writing and when?

I wrote my first blog named “My Passport“, based on a true incident that happened during the police verification of my Passport, on 10th May, 2016.

  • What are the social issues that affect you the most?

I’m a human and I do have a heart. Everything bad that goes around affects me in one or the other way.

  • Do you think Boost Thyself will bring some change?

Many of my friends text me and they appreciate the vision of Boost Thyself. Since the day it started, it has been helping people, by boosting them towards a better life. It has brought changes in the life of many. The only thing I know is, if even a single individual gets benefitted from Boost Thyself, the mission will be successful. It is also a platform for all the budding writers to reach the masses through their writing.

  • Did you face any obstacles when you came up with this thought?

Of course I did, and that’s the law of nature. If you are not facing any obstacle doing your work, you are doing the right work but the wrong way. It took around 6 months to execute my plan. Everything is going well as for now. Every member of our team is working dedicatedly to spread the positive message.

  • Are you a published author? If so, can you tell us about your published works?

No, I’m not.

  • How do you plan on making this website reach maximum number of people?

“If you do some good work for the people, they would always help you in spreading your message”, I believe in this quote and it happened to be true for me too. The Technical team of Boost Thyself is working hard to reach to the masses.

  • How is the response so far?

The response has been awesome and I hope for the best for future too. I had never expected that it would boom so soon, within just a month.

  • How was your family’s support for this?

My parents and other family members have always supported me. So, of course, there was a positive response and they all were proud when I had shared that I have started Boost Thyself.

  • Your views of modern society?

I would like to say that, let us not forget the humanity in the rat race of modernity. Let us spare some time from our busy schedule to talk with the stressed and the frustrated ones and help them out. Let’s remove arrogant mask and leave it behind, words of love will do wonder, pal.

  • A few words to the readers?

This life is very beautiful, my dear friend. You just need a little boost to make it more beautiful. Just learn to live every moment of your life at its fullest. Keep inspiring yourself first and then others too with your good works.


Interview By : Dr.Niveditha



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