TITLE : The Highway Man

AUTHOR :  J.Alchem

TOTAL PAGES : 68 pages

PUBLISHED BY : Amazon (Kindle)



COVER : 4/5

TITLE : 4/5

BLURB : 4/5

THEME : 4/5





The Highway Man is a collection of three heart touching short stories of different genres. Written in simple language makes it comprehensible for all readers. Each story starts with a quote which gives a good feel while reading. Each one has an unexpected ending and each story is written beautifully in a way that makes the readers travel along with the characters.

Catherine, is a wonderful story with a unique plot and an ending quite unanticipated. It was a bit disappointing to find the story short.  But still, it was amazing.

Sidzy for a day, is a happy and feel good romantic love story which leaves the readers with a smile on their faces.

The Highway Man, quite a melancholy with an unpredictable ending is very well written. The pain of Ayaan could be easily felt and would make one tear up.

Cover has been designed beautifully. A few errors were present, otherwise it’s perfect.

OVERALL (4/5):

A book which everyone must read.

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