Title – Lone Alone ( Volume – 1 )

Author – Ali Abbas Kazmi

Pages – 257 pages

Publishers – Blue Rose Publishers



Cover – 4/5

Title – 4/5

Theme – 4/5

Rate – 4/5

Narration – 3.5/5



Lone Alone, a story of a young lad who was brought up by his mother, deals with his pain and sufferings after he had lost his mother at very young age of fifteen. He who was kept at dark about his father, goes in search of him after finding a few letters which raises his doubts. The young boy, John, yearns for the love from his mother everyday and hopes to find his father one day. Inbetween he faces betrayal from his closest friends and his first love, after which he decides not to trust any girl. But destiny had played its role in bringing him his love who supports him through thick and thin. He also succeeds in finding his father with the help of his mother’s friend. But to his dismay events turn out to be unexpected and he doesn’t get what he had wished for.


Lone Alone is a good plot. The title and the cover suits the story perfectly. Including sketches related to the story inbetween the chapters, is a good thought. But there are few negative points which will lead to the downfall of the book. By the writing style, one could tell the writer is an amateur. Few grammatical errors were found. Editing and narration could have been done much better. Characterization could have been better. This is a good plot which could have been written with much more depth.

I would suggest the author not to rush up with the second volume..

Overall (3.5/5)

A good book to read.


Review By :


Editor @PWO


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