1.) A few words about you

Well, there is nothing enough to tell about myself. I am pursuing B.com and I love reading books and now writing books too.

2.)What is the purpose of your writing?

I had many dreams regarding my writing as I want to be the best seller and hope so the day will come soon. I want to make my father proud so that he can proudly say he’s my son.

3.)Do you remember your first piece of writing? If yes, can I know when was it and on what was your writing about?

Way back when I was 8th standard, our group got project to write a story of our own. So I wrote a short story named helper thief which contains 3 pages and that page is still with me, so from that day I had start writing and realized my inner talent.

4.)What would you like to say about your recently published novel “LONE ALONE”?

LONE ALONE is a plot where you can find what mother’s love is and what happens when we get betrayed by the closest one, when the blessings starts to decrease one by one, and when you are curious about the thing which is unknown to you.

5.) Why did you choose this theme to be your first novel?

I am not fully sure about why I chose this theme but, the thing is I love the stories containing mysteries so may be this could be a reason  and I think my future will also be based on mysteries.

6.) Is this novel a true story or purely fictional?

Yes this novel is purely fictional, the characters, events all are imaginary.

7.)Who is your inspiration?

I got inspiration from the books of many authors, like Mr Chetan Bhagat, Mr Durjoy Datta, Miss Nikita Singh but my first inspiration is Mr Chetan Bhagat.

8.) Your views on love and relationship?

According to me love and relationship are strongest things which a person needs in his or her life but on the other hand love sometime cannot turn into relationship and sometime relationship cannot turn into love.

9.)Are there any books that have been published apart from “LONE ALONE”?

No, this is my first published book.

10.)How was this journey of becoming a published author?

Well, I am new in writing field, when I was in the middle of writing the novel, I surfed the net and saw that a normal novel consist of 50k words and that time only 11k were completed in my manuscript, I was confused that how to extend my story, what to write next, so as a first time author the journey was difficult for me.

11.)Do you prefer reading ebooks or paperbacks? Why?

I prefer reading paperbacks as I become more familiar to the hard copies rather than the ebooks.

12.)Who is an author according to you?

According to me an author is, who first thinks about the readers and manages his novel to make it understandable by the public.

13.)Which is your favourite novel and why?

I read many novels, and I loved them all so it’s really difficult for me to choose the best one out.

14.)Who is your favourite author and why?

My favorite author is Mr. Chetan Bhagat as he knows how to let readers indulge themselves in the story.

15.)What is your favourite genre? Specific reason for it being favourite?

My favorite genre is mystery, from childhood I love mysteries. But don’t know about future may be it’ll change.

16.)If you were asked to choose only 3 books to have with you, what will your books be?

The 3 books I will choose Revolution 2020, Black suits you and one book of mine as I will be able to improve after seeing the mistakes in my book.

17.)When can we expect your the second volume of Lone Alone?

Till now I have no plans for volume two as before that I’ll publish some other book.

18.)A piece of advice for the budding poets and authors?

Well, I am also a new author and taking inspiration from well known authors and poets but who are going to enter this field I would like to advice them that first read as much as you can and choose a role model.

19.)Where can your readers contact you?

Readers can contact me through emails.

20.)Finally, a few words to your readers?

I thank all my readers for supporting me, their thinking inspires me to write. You are the first one whom I have to satisfy and I wish you’ll be always satisfied. Thank you for the blessings.




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