1. A few words about you?


I am a young writer from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. I am Correspondent of Master Education and Welfare Society, a registered organization dedicated for the empowerment of education in rural and semi urban areas in India. I run a school named Master Mind School under this organization and I am Director it. I have Masters in Computer Applications and Applied Psychology. I am an activist, content writer, Motivator; Soft Skill Trainer, blogger etc.  Writing is my passion and compassion.


  1. What is the purpose of your writing?


Every writer has his own purpose of writing. My purpose is to inspire and motivate my readers through my work. I am here to fulfill the ultimate thirst of literature for my readers and to make a mark in the history of literature.


  1. Do you remember your first piece of writing? If yes, can I know when was it and on what was it writing about?


Yes I do. It was in my school days when I was asked to write an essay about ‘India, Its struggle for Independence.’ I was awarded with first prize in the competition. It was then I discovered a writer in myself.


  1. What would you like to say about your recently published novel “Rocky, The Phoenix who rose from the Ashes!”?


Rocky, The Phoenix who rose from the Ashes! is a motivational novel which inspires it’s readers. It’s the story of a rich young spoiled brat who decides to kill himself but fails in his attempts; it’s an overwhelming journey of Rocky to resurrect his life and rise to the top from those ashes.


  1. Why did you choose this story to be written as a novel?


Every writer will have a story to tell the world which is inspired by his own experiences or the experiences from others which he sees through his eyes. Writing is an art of fiction, but many times it’s an inspiration from his or others experiences which a writer sees through his own eye. Though this is an art of fiction, there are many incidents and events which have been inspired from true events.


  1. Is this story based on true incident or is it purely fictional?


It’s a continental dish served to fulfill my readers urge. As I said earlier, though it’s an art of fiction, there are many incidents which have been inspired from true events.


  1. Who is your inspiration?


A writer gets inspiration only from another writer. William Shakespeare is the man who inspired me towards literature. In the present day scenario, J.K Rowling, Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripati is the personalities driving me.


  1. How was this journey of becoming a published author?


There was not much effort from my side in becoming a published author. May be by god`s grace, I was lucky that I hadn’t toiled much sweat in this context. My manuscript was accepted for publication in my first attempt. Thanks to Bluerose for this.


  1. Are there any books published apart from “Rocky, The Phoenix who rose from the Ashes!”?

No But my next book is already on the pipeline.


  1. Which way of publication do you prefer and why?


I always thought to go for traditional publishing. I have made a lot of research in that regard. The thing that stopped me from that route was the rate of rejection and time duration. In traditional publishing, hundreds of manuscripts will be stacked in the data bases and the rejection rate was damn high though your manuscript has a strong content. Even the top publishing house takes more than a year to make a book available in market. The royalties available is just a peanut and the cashew nuts will be served to publishing houses. The content and copyrights dwells with the publishing house. The agents are other strong barriers in traditional publishing. To shoot out these barriers, I opted for Self-Publishing.


  1. Who is an author according to you?


Each and every person in this world is an author by himself. Ask a husband who promised his wife for a dinner and was unable to keep up his promise; he will narrate hundred stories from his end. The only thing that separates an author is his conviction and commitment towards writing.




  1. What is your favourite genre? And is there any specific reason for it being your favourite?

My favorite genre was romance and thrillers. May be my age was a reason for that. But now I have shifted towards motivational and spiritual genres.


  1. When can we expect your next book?


It’s in the pipeline and will be available in few months.


  1. What is your view on our political system?


A good political system is a great solution to all problems of mankind. But in our country, our political system is a great problem.


  1. What change do you wish to happen in our society?


Whenever I read the news papers, there are many things that annoy me a lot. The loop holes in our law and order, inaccurate policies, fringe governance, corruption, misinterpretation and misuse of power, unfaithful leadership, and opaque legislature, blind judiciary, and paid media are some of them. Above all, two things annoy me a lot more. They are Farmer’s suicide and women Rapes. The former has become hopeless and the latter had become helpless. I want our society to be free from all these.


  1. Your views on love and relationship?


Love and relationship are two wheels of a cart. If one fails, our journey becomes standoff. They must go hand in hand with each other. But now a days, there is no love in relationship and no relationship in love. The one are blessed who have both.


  1. Which books would you choose to keep with you always?


Books are always my favorite companion and I always keep one with me. It’s not a single book that always accompanies me. My choice changes from time to time and mood to mood.


  1. A piece of advice for the budding poets and authors?


Hard work, commitment and conviction towards writing are the must credentials for budding poets and authors.



  1. Where can your readers contact you?

98486 80028


  1. Finally, a few words to your readers.


Follow your dreams.


Thank you for your precious time Mr.Tameem… I thoroughly loved your interview and your book. All the best for your future endeavors…



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