Rocky (The phoenix who rose from the ashes)


Title – Rocky (The phoenix who rose from the ashes)

Author – Tameem Ahmad Mahammad

Pages – 191 pages

Publishers – Blue Rose Publishers



Cover – 4/5

Title – 4/5

Theme – 4/5

Rate – 4/5

Narration – 4/5



The story begins with the suicidal letter of a rich spoilt lad, named Rocky. He gets depressed due to the rejection from his girlfriend and attempts suicide. Fortunately he escapes from the death’s claws. He faces lots of insult from his own relatives, friends and his colleagues. He locks himself up in his room being unable to face the outside world. Pooja in the temple changes his mind and he decides to start a whole new life.

He goes to an ashram where his life changes to a whole new level. His perspective of life, his way of living, his thought process and attitude changes and the teachings he learns there makes him a new world. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, he fixes a goal for him and works for it. He gets to complete his degree and he pursues his masters in the same college. He deals with all the abuse and bravely moves on. In this process he meets his love who makes him happy and he does many favors for his friends. He leads a peaceful protest for the nation and becomes a star of his college. Everyone praises him and his past impression totally vanishes.


Title :

An impeccable title for the story. One can easily understand the novel’s baseline from the title. Rocky, the young lad, rises from his failures and insults just like the mythological bird, Phoenix.

Cover :

Beautifully designed to express the story. I like the way how designers have designed a young man with wings of Phoenix.


Every character in the story is well developed. The female protagonist’s struggles during her teenage captivates the readers and depicts the cruelty of the society. Though the world has developed a lot, lives of few people like this shows that there still exists partiality, racism and practice of other rituals in many nooks and corners of the country. The male protagonist’s life illustrates how money plays a crucial role in this modern society. How one can do anything if he has money. The other characters i.e protagonist’s friends and colleagues is also written well.


Vocabulary of the author is exceptionally well.  Narration in simple words makes this story an easily perceivable one for readers of all category. Each and every scenario is carved skillfully. The peaceful protest scenario,  reminded me of the Chennai Marina protest. From the beginning, the story is carried out very well but I felt the ending to be rushed. The ending could have been better.

Length and grammar:

The length of the chapters is precise. The descriptive part and dialogue part is well balanced. And the chapters are error free.


Rocky, is a story which has a spiritual, romantic and also a patriotic touch to it. The author has perfectly penned how society and social medias in the current world is and how these media influence a person’s life. Though the plot is a common one, the writing style of the author makes this book quite interesting. Though this story has no grammatical errors or any other errors, I felt something to be missing in this story. The second half didn’t entice me much as a reader. Few parts seemed to be monotonous.


Rocky is a good book worth reading. Characterization, narration, plot, title, cover and editing has come out flawless. Emotions of the characters could be felt as if our own. Quite an intriguing story. But a few improvements are to be made in certain areas. I’d suggest the author to concentrate more on the ending part. Hope the second volume turns out exceptionally well. Looking forward to read it.

Overall (4/5)

Overall, Rocky is a satisfying novel. A good book to read with a nice plot.



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