Enjoy every imperfection together – Narmadha Kamalakannan


Interview with Narmadha Kamalakannan, an energetic, humorous person full of positivity and the author of “Get Ready My Love”


Greetings Mam,

Hope you had a wonderful day. Let me begin my interview.

Tell us about yourself mam

Am a working mother.. Have 2 kids.. Am in mid thirties.. I am into training and development role.. Faculty for leadership team in I. T organization

HR, dancer, blogger, radio jockey, standup comedian, motivational speaker, artist are some of my avatars. And I am someone who refuse to grow up.. Live moment like child wala type.

But amongst all, if u ask, i love to say am a mother first..  My son is a lovely boy and my daughter is just like me.. The most naughtiest

Wow cool

How did you become an RJ?

During my first maternity leave… While everyone found me as a talkative person and gave blah blah advice, best friends, my husband and my FM manager motivated me and say the way i could channelize this talkative creative behavior into radio jockeying

So how was your experience as RJ?

My experience was lovely… Passion and learning the techniques and going live.. Was a high

Take a look at the author’s comedy performance.


Since she is a Bigtime Rajnikanth fan, she planned a dance with kids and dedicated for Kaala launch. Watch the little show at the link below.


Was there any peculiar incidents that you came across?

As a Radiojockey.. I worked with all india radio.. So there are many restrictions.. You can’t use item songs.. You  can’t do bullshit language etc.. And it was very difficult

But one thing i can proudly say.. If You are trained there you can sail through, You can cake walk at any place.. Technical basics are there.. And I am a government certified radio jockey


An interview session of the author with Sheetal, who started a company named women restart..


Her tiny speech as the chief guest in bachpan school


From when did you start writing mam?

During school days, dad had a simple condition.. Get first and participate in extra curriculum or else don’t.. And i got 3rd rank.. Still wanted to participate in elocution and writing.. Obviously without dad’s knowledge.. So i started my own writing.. And to my surprise won second prize..

So technically writing spark started then.. But my blogs.. Been blogging since 7 to 8 years now.. I run something called a photostory. Give me any photo and i can write a story about it..

You can find the photostories in the link below


The author’s dad speech during her first book launch..


Tell us about your book mam.

This book is not my opinion on marriage.. This book is not a self help book on how to make marriage successful. For ten to eleven months, all i did was to talk with couples and get their views, their stories, their challenges etc.. I covered close to 400 couples And based on those inputs and experience shared, i was able to pen down and structure these 20 chapters

This book is about enjoying the imperfections and adoring the togetherness..


Author with the artist of the comics of her book

What made you write about this concept mam?

So.. My first book is get ready lady which is a motivation book for women rejoining work

And while i was conducting many book talks and meeting many women, they had different situations, different ambitions.. One thing was common … Their better half support was needed… And when i heard the other side of the story from the husband side, they also shared many inputs.. Slowly i realized marriage plays a very important role in happiness and success of an individual and started


How did you feel when your book was launched?

I wanted to launch the book on 22 july dedicating to my dad on his birthday,… which did not happen but it happened couple of weeks later book was launched.

The moments were so Amazing. It was great and I was able to bring out some cute moments from couple during book launch

Readers can find them at the Author’s fb page..


Captured cuteness during cover launch.

How was the response for the book?

The cover page is the first impressive one that everyone found.. I drew it myself.

The first friend who read the book said..,”Its awesome and i have given a different angle to look at the existing problems  and extract the positive side”

Who has been your inspiration mam?

Well… My mother.. She is now a headmistress in govt school.. I have seen her career journey, personal struggles, health issues.. She never gave up.. Even now doesnt give up. She never thought of quitting or compromising.. Never complained.. Rather found how to make it successful

She has had 8 operations so far.. And couple of years got brain heamorrage. And when we all thought she has to be on bed rest and quit job.. She resumed back and became headmistress this year. Next year is her retirement. So she is my ‘never give up’ attitude

Cool lady

How was your publishing journey with blue rose?

Aditya is the consultant.. I think I was impressed with the way he was honest in explain the way they work.. And dint push me but told me the options i had. And i think, throughout the publishing, he was supportive and handled various times..

Glad to hear

When can we expect your next book mam?

Thats a good question to keep my passion going on.. I have plans of making GET READY SERIES.. Like first one is get ready lady.  Second is get ready my love. When my kids are into teens pre teens.. I wanna write get ready parents book.. And a small tiny book on get ready to be happy.. Because i am a positive person.. I believe happiness is a choice and one can be happy if he or she determines to be


So.. Fingers crossed.. Lemme not over plan now. let me breathe the happening of this book as of now My ambition in life.. As an author is to impact.. Make positive changes and effects in people’s lives.. If i can bring out hope, motivation, confidence, belief in some individual in their life and i am able to influence and spin a  positivity… Then i consider myself successful. Nothing else matters

Good luck mam


Cool crafts by the author herself for the special ones who supported her throughout the journey

What do you wish to say to your readers?

So readers… This book is not about other’s marriage.. This is not a success story log.. These elements i have mentioned, these examples i have mentioned.. Exists in ur marriage too.. Common north pole south pole law.. In your marriage.. Just remember, its a choice to make things better.. To give space, to admire, to be addicted.. So, choose right, stay blessed.. Enjoy every imperfection together.

A piece of advice for budding writers?

Advice… Is “write from ur heart.. While you write your brain, remember you are writing for readers.. So its important to be kind, practical, make them feel good through your words. I personally don’t write to show my skills, rather to connect with readers. So empathize with your audience correctly ”

Family time

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